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Hospital Services

The horses in our hospital are given the highest standard of veterinary care. We have veterinary surgeon interns residing onsite providing 24 hour care of inpatients. We have a excellent team of dedicated nurses and hospital staff with the experience and skill to look after all ages and breeds of horse that are admitted.

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Internal Medicine

  • General/Advanced Medicine

  • Critical Care

  • Neonatal Care

  • General Medicine and Advanced Techniques

    • Our medicine service sees approximately 400 cases/year (approximately 150/400 neonates).  Our medicine team is fully equipped with regards to capabilities for comprehensive diagnostics and care under our specialist medicine consultant. In addition to our comprehensive year round care, additionally our seasonal medicine staff during the breeding season allows for the ability to care for a large number of critical patients during the busy months. Some of our services include:

      • Gastroscopy

      • Abdominal Ultrasound

      • Thoracic/Lung Ultrasound

      • Heart Evaluation (Echocardiogram (Scan) and Electrocardiogram (ECG)

      • Respiratory Evaluation/Diagnostics (Lung wash, re-breathing exam, imaging ect)

      • Neurological Examination

      • Gastrointestinal Evaluation and Diagnostics

      • Fetal/Neonatal Evaluation and Care

      • Nutrition

      • Biosecurity

      • Emergency Care


  • Critical and Neonatal Care

    • Our medicine unit is outfitted to accommodate a high volume of critical patients, including the specialized needs of neonates. Using cutting-edge techniques, the medicine unit works together with the surgical team for the most comprehensive care of all medical and surgical needs of critical patients to ensure they are receiving the diligent attention these cases require.  

  • To book an appointment, please call FEH reception at (052) 613 0795 for availability.

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