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Hospital Services

The horses in our hospital are given the highest standard of veterinary care. We have veterinary surgeon interns residing onsite providing 24 hour care of inpatients. We have a excellent team of dedicated nurses and hospital staff with the experience and skill to look after all ages and breeds of horse that are admitted.

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Lameness, Sports Medicine, Advanced Imaging

  • FEH offers top quality care for your high-performance equine athlete. With lameness evaluation being one of our busiest hospital services, 2,000+ cases/year, our strong case load constantly offers new and challenging cases to continue to expand our knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients and patients.  

  • Services that we provide include the following:

    • Lameness Exams

    • “Poor Performance” Exams (Which may/can include some of the following:)

      • Lameness Exam

      • Bloodwork

      • Abdominal/Thorax (Lung) Ultrasound

      • Gastroscopy

      • Heart Evaluation (Echocardiogram (Scan) and Electrocardiogram (ECG)

      • Respiratory Examination (Static and Dynamic Exams)

    • Advanced Imaging:

      • Digital Radiographs

      • Ultrasound

      • Computed Tomography (CT)

        • Our computer guided software enabled CT unit is only one of two in Europe being used on horses​.  High quality 3D images of the patient are able to be acquired standing in very short periods of time.

        • Referrals:  Please contact Matthew Coleridge, BVMS, MS Dip ACVS-LA at (052) 613 0795

    • Advanced Sports Medicine and Regenerative Therapy:

      • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

      • IRAP

      • PRP

      • Stem Cell Therapy

      • Mesotherapy

  • To book an appointment, please call FEH reception at (052) 613 0795 for availability.

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