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Hospital Services

The horses in our hospital are given the highest standard of veterinary care. We have veterinary surgeon interns residing onsite providing 24 hour care of inpatients. We have an excellent team of dedicated nurses and hospital staff with the experience and skill to look after all ages and breeds of horse that are admitted.

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CT Imaging

Computed Tomography (CT)

  • FEH is the only facility in Ireland and the UK capable of performing 3D CT imaging of both heads and limbs on your horse standing.

  • Advanced imaging such as CT is fast becoming the gold standard in equine imaging. The detail obtained using this technology can provide much more information than digital X-ray.

  • High quality 3D images of the patient are able to be acquired standing in very short periods of time.

What Can Be Scanned

  • We are able to scan the carpus and below in the forelimb and the fetlock and below in the hind limb.

  • We are also equipped to scan heads and necks for detailed images of the teeth, sinuses and cervical spine. 


  • ​Please contact Matthew Coleridge, BVMS, MS Dip ACVS-LA at (052) 613 0795​

  • To book an appointment, please call FEH reception at (052) 613 0795 for availability.

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